About Jesus Christ Cafe

Jesus Christ Cafe is an online community for Christians and people Curious about Christ. We are focused on educating those who don't know, helping heal the hearts of those who were once in the know but for whatever reason lost the flow, and uniting those Christians who already do know in online communication and fellowship.

Jesus Christ Cafe as a concept and idea was started on August of 2005, but the site itself was not implemented until March of 2006. Upon initial launch, JCC was greeted with excitement and anticipation, as immediately it developed a small core following amongst many Born Again Christians and Catholics. However, due to technological limitations, the site would begin to lag as opposed to other more modernly infrastructured social networking sites like My Space and Migente.com, which had much more to offer with greater ease of use. JCC initially offered a Forum, Instant Messenger, and Free Email Accounts, but all required separate logins and were not always reliable in terms of their functionality, so in November of 2006 Jesus Christ Cafe was temporarily taken offline and the site as it was at the time was scrapped and an overhaul was planned.
December 16th, Jesus Christ Cafe staff and a web design team started to work on rebuilding Jesus Christ Cafe. We re-launched the website on March 5th, 2007 with a completely new infrastructure and a new plan in place to glorify Jesus Christ though JCC.

In July of 2007, Jesus Christ Cafe Corporate was rebranded Jesus Christ Cafe Christiantainment. We look forward to having every single one of you as an integral part of the online community "Where Christians and the Curious Connect Online" www.JesusChristCafe.com. God Bless~


Sincerely yours and HIS,

E. Figueroa

Jesus Christ Cafe Christiantainment 

Acess more information about us at our corporate website http://www.christiantainment.org/