Y (Why) JesusChristCafe.com will have you going "JCC" too!

What is Jesus Christ Cafe, JCC, JesusChristCafe.com?
  JesusChristCafe.com is the newly relaunched online community "Where Christians and the Curious Connect Online" which was designed specifically for YOU!

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Why the heck not, right? Imagine a place where you can have as much fun as you do on the big social networking websites like My Space and Facebook minus the temptations and offensive nature of a website designed for the masses. Find old friends, make new friends, and experience Communication right here on JesusChristCafe.com. Whether you are already Christian, formerly a Christian and looking to recapture your Flow, Curious about Christ, or simply searching for something nice! Its all good and Its all here! Join JesusChristCafe.com

Once you join JCC, you will instantly have access all of our Communionicational tools including personal pages, blogs, email, bulletins, chats, music, videos, groups, and our most popular feature the Jesus Christ Cafe Forums are just a few of the features offered and made available to you right here at Jesus Christ Cafe so you communionicate with the entire JCC Community. The sign up process can be completed in its entirety in less than a minute, so why delay? Sign Up today to join and become part of a new experience, the Jesus Christ Cafe Experience at YOUR new online community where YOU can CONNECT online! JesusChristCafe.com  ~God Bless You~